Zopa Bank hero section review

Zopa Bank is a company I actually discovered by accident. When I first had a look, I didn’t have a clue what they do and where they are from. But there’s a video on the right side of the hero section that gave me a very British feeling. Fortunately for them, I was right — they’re a British bank. So far so good. But let’s have a look at the full page and analyse it in more detail.

zopa bank hero section
Zopa Bank hero section march 2024
  • Logo: the logo feels like text. It’s so simple that it causes two doubts, one much bigger than the other. First, is that even clickable? Second, is this even a real, trustworthy bank?
  • Menu: The menu looks perfect. It’s clear and has links to the most important products. The design is pretty slick, too, when you hover over the options.
  • H1: The h1 is the perfect place to tell what you do: saving and personal loans. “Welcome to” brings me back to my childhood, when the Internet was new and people didn’t know what to write on their websites.
  • Video: As I explained in the intro, the video does a pretty good job of portraying the local culture. I assume the target audience would feel connected too. But it doesn’t feel related to the banking offer. So while it creates the right mood or connection maybe, it doesn’t help the customer understand why Zopa is the best option.
  • Blocks: The blocks are a great way to segment the visitors and bring them straight to their desired product. It’s smart to start the copy with the keyword but the rest of the copy is just filler. Without the filler it’s a bit empty, so I’d opt for facts and numbers, such as rates between x and y%, 100 new deals per day, save up 2% monthly, and so on. The button copy is good, although “let’s go” for credit cards could be improved.
  • Design: The design is so simple it doesn’t feel like a bank. That’s positive and negative in my opinion. I’m doubting the professionalism and legacy but I’m also happy that it’s not confusing.
  • Other: The biggest miss for me is the lack of support. Clients can probably sign in and then contact support, but it would be great to have a chat option or contact details in the hero section. I know there’s a help option in the menu, but it’s a bit hidden. That’s not where people typically look for support or a chat box.
  • Conclusion: While Zopa Bank is a very legit bank, the very simple design makes me doubt a bit. The title doesn’t help either. So I’d focus on rewriting that and adding facts to the blocks. The idea of the blocks is great and the menu looks fine too.

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