Wynter: GIFs and colours above the fold

Wynter is an incredible marketing tool.

I’m actually scared to suggest I can make improvements to their hero section.https://wynter.com/

But let’s have a look anyway…

Let’s start with what I love: the bullet points. More companies should use bullet points. It’s perfect for introducing a bit of everything: features, results, positioning etc.

What I don’t love as much is the visual. What you see is a snapshot of a GIF. Nothing wrong with using a GIF. It gives you several impressions of the product. But it’s a bit too fast. You don’t really get a chance to follow along. It feels like it’s just filler. Moreover, I don’t really know what I’m looking at. A few words above or below the video could help. So my changes:

  • Make it slower
  • Add a title or caption

I’d test a different background colour. Yellow is their brand colour, and it’s different than most white websites. But i’s also very in-your-face. And because of the bright yellow, nothing else stands out. With a different background, they could use brighter call-to-action buttons or highlight other information.

Finally, I’m surprised “get a demo” is the main call to action. It’s so vanilla… but it’s very clear and maybe exactly what their B2B audience expects.

I wonder if they’ve tested it and found that this was the best CTA copy?

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