Worldpay Hero Section Review

Worldpay, founded in 1997, sounds more like an incumbent to me than a modern, revolutionising fintech. I don’t know where they’d position themselves, but their hero section looks like that of an incumbent, not a challenger.

world pay hero section
Worldpay hero section March 2024
  • Banner: It’s important news so I understand the banner. It could easily have been written in one line. If it’s important to make it stand out, then I’d make the banner red, instead of huge.
  • Menu:
    • “Solutions we provide”: Who else? Just “solutions” will do.
    • “Resources:” Fine but the submenu is overwhelming. I’d split it up
    • “Explore more”: The vaguest thing I’ve ever seen. Split it up
    • “Careers”, area, search and contact are good.
  • H1: This is a title I expect from my local hairdresser, not a global payment company. It’s not even that hard to find something better. Their SEO title for example: “Payment processing and card machines”. Simple and clear.
  • H2: Simplify this. The only words of essence are “make, take, and manage payments” and “online, in-store or mobile.” The rest is fluff. The problem is that the words of essence don’t say much, either.
  • CTA button: Learn more about what? It takes us to a page with more information about the split between Worldpay and FIS. It’s super confusing.
  • Multiple Choice: This is the first part that makes sense. There’s a clear segmentation so I can choose the option that fits me best. The “learn more” button is fine here because it’s clear what I’ll learn about. The subtitles, finally, are alright-ish too. They could be crisper, but they do add new information and they aren’t super long.
  • Design: The hero section is super overwhelming. I don’t know where to look first and the background doesn’t help with readability either.
  • Copy: There are 10 mentions of their brand name in this hero section. This, combined with the vague copy, shows that there hasn’t been put a lot of thought into the home page messaging.
  • Conclusion: There’s not a lot to take from this. Most of the hero section is overwhelming, yet vague at the same time. If you target multiple audiences, it might make sense to offer a different path for each.

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