Voucherify: Great hero image idea. Bad colour selection.

Voucherify is a Poland-based SaaS company that makes it easier for businesses to create all sorts of digital promotions.

But how does their home page promote their product? Let’s have a look.

Overall, the hero section is pretty good but there’s a big mistake: no call to action above the fold. They didn’t forget but they just put too much text in the hero section.

So my first suggestion for this hero section is to TEST this: change the list. Put the items closer together and make three columns. This might create just enough space to get the CTA button above the fold.

The next thing I would CHANGE, is the colour and contrast. The dark background with the light text works but it doesn’t combine well with the gradient and the contrast with the call to action button is far from convincing.

What I do LOVE is the visual. It’s the second time I’ve come across the idea of combining a visual with a video. I think it’s brilliant. Videos are rarely watched but some people do want them. For the majority of the people who won’t watch the video, there’s still a visual that gives you an idea of how it works.

What about the rest of the page?


The rest of the home page has a similar problem with colours and contrasts.

  • The gradient titles are ugly and the contrast with the white background doesn’t work.
  • Blue icons on a blue background don’t work.
  • The home page has three different background colours and there’s even some gradient. Where’s the consistency?


The copy and the idea of the page aren’t bad but they focus on the benefits and not the results.

The big ideas are “saving time and money by automating the creation of promotions”.

Of course, this is attractive for a company but many tools can save you time and money. And let’s be honest, automating promotions isn’t top of the list when it comes to saving time and money.

So instead, I’d focus on the results of creating more promotions: increasing sales and revenue without extra effort.


While most of the home page is fairly average, the process stands out. Voucherify’s team made a good decision to put this high on the page:

Here’s why I love it:

  1. Clear process
  2. Clean design
  3. Relevant visuals

There’s only one thing missing: the result. But adding another step would be too much. So I’d combine steps 2 and 3 first, then create a new step 5: Sell more through promotions.

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