Vivid: trust matters (and colours too)

Vivid is an online bank offering digital banking services for individuals in several European countries.

This is their current home page. I’ll let it sink in for a few seconds before I’ll share my tips to improve it.


What stands out to you?

My first impression is this:

  • Too much text
  • Too white
  • Interesting visual

Let’s go into more detail.

LOVE: Great visual. It shows the products (app and credit card) but it also turn into a video when you click it.

TEST: The colours are pretty boring. Ok, it’s not overwhelming and the contrast is great. So essentially, they’re doing things right. But it still feels like something’s missing. So I made a few changes:

  • Gradient in the background
  • Different button colour (one that’s also found on the home page)
  • Slightly smaller visual
  • Smaller title – larger subtitle

CHANGE: The title is vague. The subtitle is way too long. The copy itself isn’t that bad, so just rearranging it could be a quick fix.

I’ve brought the tests and changes together in this redesign.

What to improve below the fold?

Vivid is a banking tool. That means security is really important. I love how they’ve tackled this.

The images and the overall design aren’t great, but this section does inspire trust.

• Different guarantees

• Who’s behind this

• Who regulates their business

What I don’t like as much is the focus on Germany and the Netherlands. Of course, these are the countries where Vivid has its ties. But what does this mean for users? I suppose I can get an account if I live in the Netherlands or Germany. But what if I live elsewhere? Where does the bank operate?

This website is a .eu domain. Does that mean they operate in the entire continent?

When you scroll to the bottom, there’s a selection menu to choose your country. It has four countries (with translations). So now I’m thinking I can’t use it outside of those countries.

This is an issue I have with most fintechs. They’re strongly regulated so it’s logical they don’t operate in large regions. But very few clarify where they do operate. An extra section on the home page could provide clarity.

Talking about home page sections. I don’t like the structure.

This is what it looks like:

  • Hero section
  • Social proof: award
  • Feature 1: invest in shares and ETFs
  • Feature 2: invest in crypto
  • Feature 3: earn cashback
  • Feature 4: multiple accounts
  • Security
  • Footer

Here’s what I would change:

  • Group feature 1, 2 and 3 – they are closely related.
  • Add a call-to-action section above the footer.

That’s it for Vivid.

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