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Vesto is a relatively young fintech startup that targets other startups with its treasury management solution. At first glance, the hero section looks pretty good: the colours blend well together and there’s no overwhelm or notable error. But I’ll let you craft your opinion before we go into more detail.

vesto hero section
Vesto hero section march 24
  • Menu: my first impression of the company is that they offer one solution: treasury management. So seeing “products” as the first item in the menu is a bit confusing. Besides, there are only two products in the submenu, so they would be better off mentioning both in the main menu for now. The other items and the buttons are fine. Finally, I’m missing a pricing page. I understand they might be testing pricing strategies at this early stage of their own journey, but since this company wants to help others extend their runway, I feel they must be transparent about their pricing.
  • Title: It clearly states what users get. I feel like this feature might not be enough to convince potential customers but it’s definitely not a bad start.
  • Subtitle: In itself, the subtitle isn’t bad, but in the entire context it is. It’s just the title rephrased with a tiny bit of extra information. It’s already clear what the main feature is, so give me some extra features or some of the benefits that people might not think of themselves. Better still, show how existing customers have benefitted.
  • Button: The button is visible and the CTA is clear. A brighter colour might make it stand out but it wouldn’t make a huge difference. The arrow is a nice little detail.
  • Image: The image is mostly a good thing. A screenshot of the UI is nearly always a good idea. I also love how it’s positioned so that it makes people scroll on and read more. Unfortunately, there’s a little problem with the UI itself. The promise in the title is “all accounts in one view” but the screenshot only shows me two of the four accounts. Oops.
  • Design: The design is great for a start-up. It’s clear and fairly simple. It looks like they didn’t waste any money on shiny, useless stuff.
  • Other: The only thing that we don’t really have here is some social proof but I don’t think it’s a deal-breaker.
  • Summary: All-round this is a pretty good hero section for a startup. It’s just a shame that the title and subtitle are quite repetitive and don’t go into more detail about what Vesto does.

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