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I can’t think of many companies that don’t have a testimonial section on their website.

But I also can’t think of many companies that have a great testimonial section on their website.

Unfortunately, too many do a lousy job with testimonials. You can do better.

A complete testimonial has the following elements:

  • Photo
  • Full name
  • Company
  • Job Title
  • Rating
  • Bolded keywords or phrases

All of these elements add to the credibility of your testimonial.

Bolded or highlighted elements bring the focus to what matters most. Not everyone will want to read the full testimonial. But these highlights help skimmers. Moreover, they grab people’s attention, making them more likely to read your testimonial in the first place.

Here are two great examples:

There’s one thing even better than the testimonials above: video testimonials.

Despite all the elements that make the testimonials more trustworthy, there’s no way to tell it isn’t fake. But when a person films themselves while talking about you, it’s most probably real.

The downside of a video is that people have to watch it. Watching requires more effort and time than reading a few lines. That’s why I love the example below. You’ve got a video. You’ve got the person’s details. And you’ve got a few written lines for skimmers.

Up to you know.

Can you turn your testimonials into something better?

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