Making an impact on The Impactful’s website copy

The Impactful is an organisation that brings together people who care about our planet.

They offer a community, learning materials, and a collective of professionals who work on impactful projects.

Zach, the founder, used to have two websites. Recently, he brought everything together under one roof.

Now, the website serves four goals:

  • Find community members
  • Find professionals for the collective
  • Sell information products
  • Sell the collective’s services

Let’s have a look at a few changes I made to the home page.

The HERO section

On the left, you see the original; on the right, my suggested changes. Note that we’re just talking about the copy right now.

Firstly, I made the title shorter and punchier. Same for the subtitle.

The second change, the most important one, is the social proof under the CTA button.

Some additional changes could include the image, which isn’t very specific. The CTA button isn’t something I’d typically choose either. But remember, we’ve got FOUR offers on the home page.

Comparing the rest of the home page

All in all, the home page was pretty good. I did make some copy changes to clarify the idea behind each section while also emphasising the bigger picture: making a positive change.

Here’s a full comparison: (left: before, right: after)

Further changes to the website

After completing my review of the home page, Zach and I worked together on three more specific landing pages.

Have a look:

Did my work make an impact?

Zach was more than pleased with my effort, as you can see here:

But what really matters are the numbers.

Did Zach get more leads and community members?

Here’s what he said:

We got our first ever sign-ups for the Collective, and our first ever community purchases (product) on their own without any work from us!

Here’s what a LinkedIn connection said about that achievement.

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