Stronger Synonyms

Any language has synonyms for hundreds of words.

Some cultures have dozens of words for snow. Others have dozens for palm trees or bananas.

But if you look closely, every single word has a different meaning.

It’s good to remember that when writing copy.

Do you say that something is good? Or is it amazing? Is it small or tiny? Big or huge?

Feel the difference?

With some synonyms, you can say a lot more than with the first word that comes to mind. Power Thesaurus is my favourite tool to explore synonyms when I’m struggling to find them on my own.

Let’s have a look at some good examples now:

A lot better than “great”, “thorough” and “a lot of”, right?

Now let’s see two examples that could be improved:

In the first one, let’s change “complete”, “smarter” and “simplified”. Some suggestions:

  • all-in-one
  • cost-effective (much more specific)
  • accessible

In the second example, I’d go with “lightning-fast”.

These synonyms are either more specific or easier to understand. They make it easier for the reader to imagine the product.

And a final note: some are a bit overused already. I’m thinking about words like “skyrocket”, “leverage” and “boost”. Avoid them.

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