Sleeknote: quality social proof ideas

It’s not often I come across a SaaS whose most prominent clients are active in Belgium.

That was fun to see but it took some scrolling.

I lead with this detail because my feelings about Sleeknote‘s social proof is double.

  • Over the entire home page, very few companies have more and better social proof
  • There’s no convincing social proof above the fold.

Let’s have a look:

There’s some risk reduction under the CTA button. That’s great. But it’s not super convincing. The icons could be more detailed. And it could be more specific. How long is the money-back guarantee?

I’d change this to a bullet list and add more social proof. Something really specific like the total revenue of their users or something.

The secondary call to action is great. “A personal tour” sounds a lot better than “a demo”, right? There’s another great example if this in my swipe file, by the way.

The title isn’t bad but it’s far from specific. I like that they didn’t call themselves “the best” because that’s just stupid. But maybe they could’ve played with this a bit more. I wrote about a storytelling technique recently that would fit just fine: using the opposite.

So instead of “more than your average”, I’d test “not your average”. Subtle difference at first sight but the suggested meaning is very different.

Instead of comparing (we are better), they’re now setting themselves apart (we’re different).

Kjell, not your average copywriter, out.

Or not. One more detail: Sleeknote’s Favicon (the image you see in your tabs) is purple. But none of the company’s branding is purple. It’s very confusing. Don’t do this.

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