Semonto: Hero section makeover

Semonto is a website monitoring tool based in Belgium. They monitor website activity and let businesses know when something goes wrong. It’s not the only service they offer but as you’ll see on their hero section, it’s the main thing. 

Ok, time for first impressions. 

These are mine:

That guy looks relaxed.
Play video? No, thanks.
Lots of text. Bad contrast. Bye!

Did you feel like this too? Time to get into some more detail.

Let’s start from the top. I love the menu. It’s pretty good. Features, use cases and pricing are all very reasonable items to have in your navigational menu. Blog? That’s a distraction. I’d replace it with “Security” as cybersecurity is a growing concern for companies. 

I’m also a bit in doubt about the search icon. Is it supposed to replace some kind of FAQ?

Anyway. Let’s move on to things that definitely need to be improved. We need a better contrast.

I thought about changing it in two ways. One is simple. Just make the background darker. Like this: 

The other way is a bit more dramatic. I’d test the following hero section:

  • Get rid of the happy guy
  • Keep the background white but the menu dark
  • Add a GIF that displays several screenshots of the dashboard
  • Delete the video button. The video could be featured further down.
  • Add a primer above the title
  • Make the title more urgent
  • Add logos as social proof

This is what my remake would look like:

What to improve below the fold

I already mentioned that “use cases” is a good idea for the menu. What I also love is this dedicated section on the home page. The design and structure are very clean.

  • Enough whitespace
  • Interactive
  • Three bullet points each
  • Read more links 

This is how it’s done. 

Even though this section has a great structure, the overall structure of this home page isn’t great. You need to scroll all the way to the bottom to add some social proof. I already moved the logos up in my remake. But I’d also move the testimonials a bit higher up. 

Actually, I’d rearrange the order of the home page.

What makes more sense to you?


use cases


how it works





how it works



use cases

I’d change the order and follow the second one.

Finally, I’d test two tiny things.

First of all, I’d add some more copy to the call-to-action section. Instead of just saying “start your free trial”, I’d add some bullet points with the benefits:

  • Get notified when something breaks down
  • Fix issues before they cause big problems
  • Stay in complete control of your website

And secondly, I’d make a tiny change to the signup page. What catches my attention is the image, not the form. Why is that form so far on the left? I’d move it to the right and put the image on the left… It won’t have a huge influence on conversions but many tiny improvements do compound.

And that’s what this whole website is about: helping you identify tiny changes that compound and lead to more users. Subscribe to the free newsletter to get new analyses each Friday.

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