Great design, lazy positioning

It’s not often you come across a website that does about everything right.

But‘s hero section on the home page is almost spot on.

Just a few things I love:

  • The call to action button is enticing and stands out on the page.
  • Some elements to remove friction: Sign up with LinkedIn or Google + no credit card needed.
  • Social proof above the fold: 4.2-star rating, 400,000+ users.

Since I love about everything in this hero section, I had to search hard for something to change. But I found something: The subtitle starts with a self-centred focus. I’d replace “Our sales software finds” with “Find”. But maybe sales software is there for SEO purposes.

In that case, I’d add in the final sentence: “use Seamless.AI’s sales software to grow their business”.

Finally, I’d test a different title. Any title that hints at being the best is lazy positioning, if you ask me. Moreover, it challenges visitors to compare you with others.

Here are some titles I might test:

  • Spend more time selling and less time building lists. (inspired by body copy on the home page)
  • Find sales contact information in seconds
  • Find ready-to-buy prospects now

But we’ll never know if they’d do better, will we?

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