SAP partner: Hero Section Tips

We’re going to look at a tiny section of a home page.

The title is just above the fold, the subtitle and CTA button are below.

I’ll add the English text in the caption. But there’s a reason I used a screenshot of the NL page. The first mistake: the title isn’t translated, the rest is. It’s something I’ve observed on the rest of the page too. It just looks a bit sloppy.

Our passion? Building smart SAP solutions that put your organization one step ahead and guarantee peace of mind. From a full SAP suite, additional apps and extensions to integrations and managed services: whatever it takes to boost your business, we’ll take care of it – in close collaboration with your team.

Something else to observe: the entire subtitle is about what they do, so why use “what we do” as a call to action? (The arrow is a great touch, though).

Surely, there are better options.

  • “What we can do for you”
  • “Discover our SAP-solutions”

What would you add as a CTA?

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