Runway Financial: attention to detail with a thematic page

There’s a bit of hype around the new website for Runway Financial.

The design is slick but not always as user-friendly.

And the hero section?

It’s a bit different but I like it:

I love the design in general. It’s different. It’s animated but not distracting, so it grabs your attention. People share it online because of the design, so it plays an important role. What’s great about this as well is the overall theme. Everything fits the airport/runway/flight theme.

I wouldn’t say the design is perfect, yet it was difficult to spot things I’d change or test.

So I tried to stay on-theme with this.

The XLS -> RNW detail is fun, but it’s a bit confusing. The intention is great, but it took me a while to see and understand it. Maybe people need a bit more education about runway and RNW before this makes sense. So I’d change this for now.

Finally, I’d test a different call to action. The current one is fine, but what if they stayed even more on-theme with this one? They could try “priority onboarding”, for example.

What do you think?

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