Roov Home Page Review

Roov looks like a great product with a noble cause. Unfortunately, it’s not clear what they do exactly. It takes a lot of time to figure out what they do and who they do it for. In this review, I’ll analyse what makes it so confusing and I’ll offer some suggestions to improve their home page design and messaging. Hopefully, my help can make them help more people.

Roov’s hero section

Have a glance at their home page first. Or all four of them…

As you can see, they’re testing or deliberately using four people in the hero section. They also have three different colours but the message is always the same. If it’s a test, I’m rather certain there won’t be a significant winner. It feels random instead of based on a hypothesis.

That aside, the home page needs a lot of work.

  • “Creating financial well-being” is very vague. Usually, I’d say: try to answer for who and how? But in this case, the benefactors aren’t the target audience. The software is for people who help others with financial matters. So it needs to explain how Roov will make their work easier.
  • The above could be addressed in a subheader. Or the subheader could be used to make clear who can use the software.
  • There should be another CTA button. Besides, contact us and book a demo are pretty similar.
  • Why is the background of the phone transparent?

The only great parts about this hero section is the “use cases” in the menu and the button to switch languages. (This is often forgotten or hidden in the footer.)

Roov’s home page below the fold

The home page has a lot of interesting information below the fold, but it is all over the place. It feels like the sections are put there in no particular order.

Let’s analyse them one by one:

  • It’s great to hear about their social impact. But it’s not priority information. It also doesn’t look inviting to read. It’s too easy to scroll past or close the window.
  • The video is informative and clear. But most people won’t watch the video. And what’s the paper about?
  • Contact, download and login all at the same height? It’s a bit overwhelming.
  • Who are our customers is a great section. it should be higher up the page.
  • The testimonials aren’t inviting to read and would be much more powerful with images or as a case study.
  • Having an FAQ is great but it feels random in the middle of the page. Some of the questions should also be answered in the body copy. And why would people ask what PSD2 is when it’s not even mentioned above this section?
  • No one cares about getting updates. The selection menu is a great idea, though.
  • The blog looks fine but I would get rid of the dates since they aren’t very recent.
  • The footer is well-made but the arrows look a bit off.

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