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Fantastic Formulas

Copywriting formulas are not dead. They are very much alive. Both beginners and experts can benefit from them to save time and craft better messages. Learn how to use AIDA, PASO, FAB, PPPP, ACCA and BAB.

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Delicious Discounts

People love discounts. But not all discounts are the same. A great discount makes people feel like they’re really taking advantage. This post covers a few best practices for E-com and SaaS.

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Challenging Choices

Hick’s Law says that it gets harder to make decisions when you’re presented with more options. Limit the options in your web design to make people click the right buttons.

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Not Normal

Denying the opposite of what you mean to say is a great storytelling technique to grab attention. Does it also work for website titles, though?

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Top Testimonials

Fake testimonials have become so common, people even start to distrust real ones. Here’s how to optimise your testimonials so no-one doubts them.

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Obviously Overwhelming

Miller’s law says that our active memory only has space for a limited amount of information. So when your website bombards people with information, they’ll struggle to understand your message.

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