Overcoming Objections

People typically have five objections:

  1. I don’t need it
  2. I don’t believe you
  3. This won’t work for me
  4. I don’t have enough money
  5. I don’t have enough time

The more of these you can convincingly overcome on your page, the better your conversions will be.

I don’t need it

This is typically the first objection you need to overcome.

Why do people need your service?

Are you selling a painkiller or a vitamin? Are you selling something people really need or are you selling something that might make their lives just a bit easier?

This determines how strong your case needs to be.

For painkiller services, focus on your ideal customer’s pain points and how their life will look when the pain is gone.

With vitamin services, this won’t work because your ideal customer doesn’t have a problem or is unaware they have one. So you need to focus on how your service will help them work a lot faster or make a lot more money.

I don’t believe you

After you promise to fix a problem or make something much better, people will doubt you.

The solutions are results and social proof.

Show how your services have helped other people. The more specific, the better. Use cases are better than testimonials. Testimonials are better than client logos.

This won’t work for me

Even when you’ve convinced them that it works for others, your ideal customer might still believe it won’t work for them.

You can try to be very convincing in your copy, but once they’ve made up their mind, there’s little that can change how they feel about this.

So you want to give them an opportunity without risks. Therefore you either have a very solid money-back guarantee or a useful free trial.

I don’t have enough money

Your price will, of course, often cause customers to object. That doesn’t mean you should always lower your prices.

Some ways to deal with these are discounts, framing and showing the ROI.

Ok, I just mentioned don’t lower your prices and discounts in pretty much the same breath. How does that make sense?

Discounts don’t have to mean lower prices. You could increase your prices a bit and add a discount to those new prices. To customers, it looks like a discount (and they feel like they’re getting an advantage) but you’re still getting the price you want.

Another way to make a price seem lower is by framing it differently:

  • Cheaper than a cup of coffee
  • Only 0,77 cents per day
  • “Canny costs less than building the wrong features”

Finally, you can show the difference your product will make.

  • “Lusha pays for itself 10x over”
  • “16hours of expense processing cut
    per employee per month”

I don’t have enough time

Another objection your customer might have is a lack of time. In terms of software and services, the objection will most likely relate to a lack of time to implement a new solution.

Showing how your product works is the best way to overcome this. Add a video or a free demo on your page.

Additionally, you can address the time it takes to implement in your copy as well as the expected ROI of using your service.

A great onboarding experience, finally, will help convert more free users into paid users.

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