Five Hero Section Reviews: Newsletter Edition

Five by five is a new series of landing page breakdowns, where I’ll analyze five landing pages and highlight five elements of each page—some good, some awesome, some terrible.

I just picked these five newsletter landing pages randomly from people in my Twitter feed.

Let’s go.

1. Growth Currency

This is, without a doubt, the best newsletter landing page I’ve reviewed today. And that shouldn’t be surprising since the newsletter is all about helping other people with their newsletters.

This landing page has a lot of positives, such as a clear benefit, social proof, and a clean design. An extra testimonial couldn’t hurt, and the CTA buttons aren’t perfect, but apart from that, it’s difficult to find areas for improvement.

2. The Bootstrapped Founder

The biggest difference between this landing page and the one above is that this is just one page on Arvid’s website. That means there’s a navigation menu on top, which could distract page visitors.

When you look at the comments below, you’ll notice there’s a lot more room for improvement on this page.

However, we should also know which type of people visit these pages. I’m sure most people getting to this page already know who Arvid is. So they need less convincing to buy in. Still, this page is an unfortunate example of the biggest mistake you should avoid…

3. Zero to Marketing

This newsletter landing page is fine, but from an experienced marketer such as Andrea, I expect a bit more.

My biggest issue with this one is the design. The testimonials on the right almost look hidden. And while it’s necessary in this case to show who Andrea is, portraying it as a testimonial is strange.

4. Matt Hogan’s one-minute insights

With all respect for Matt, this newsletter landing page is probably the least important one. I don’t feel like Matt prioritizes getting more subscribers.

But I think it’s important to include it because this is the “typical part-time creator” landing page. It’s definitely not bad, but it’s not exactly optimized.

For this one, I added two bonus comments:

5. The Hustle

Considering the size of this newsletter, this may well be the most disappointing one.

It feels more like part of a website than an actual landing page. It misses some key information, it’s too abstract, and it even confuses me.

It’s not terrible, but they should do better. Of course, for a newsletter of this size, its reputation precedes it, and people don’t need a whole lot of convincing anymore to sign up.

Conclusion: Newsletter landing page tips

Wrapping it all up, here are five takeaways to improve your landing page right now:

  1. Add a clear benefit to your title. How will people improve when they sign up?
  2. Add social proof. How many readers? What do readers say about your newsletter?
  3. Reduce friction. Can they unsubscribe? Is it free?
  4. Share the basic information. What is it about? How often will you send it?
  5. Design matters. Leave some white space but avoid large parts without text or images.

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