MONEI Hero Review

MONEI is an omnichannel payment platform mainly used in Southern Europe. From the hero section we can gather that they accept, process and manage payments for big brands. Let’s have a look at that hero section.

MONEI hero section march 24
MONEI’s hero section — March 2024
  • Menu: Use cases and pricing are good-to-haves. Support is interesting too but I would make it different from the other options. What does Docs even mean? Dashboard -> is actually a log-in button. Very unclear. I was hoping it would be a sandbox.
  • H1: It’s pretty vague. Many things can make your business grow faster. Advanced payment platform is also vague. Define advanced. And what is a payment platform? Payment processing? Payment Orchestration? Payfac? All of it?
  • H2: It starts with a good show of authority and then gives more information about what the company does. Well done. The second line is good but I would make it more specific. What is the widest range? 60+? And can you prove it?
  • Buttons: The calls to action are clear but not very convincing. No one wants to contact “sales”. How about an expert or advisor?
  • Visual: The idea is good, but it’s overwhelming. There’s so much going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s AI-generated because it looks a lot like the type of output that you’d get from Dall-E. The colours and the style are fine, but I’d simplify the message.
  • Design: The colour scheme is balanced. The overall design is professional and I like the background — it’s not boring and it doesn’t draw attention either. I’d get rid of the gradient in the button and add a button to the menu.
  • Other: It misses a nudge to scroll or discover more. I’d also try to move the logos (that are below the fold) higher up so people immediately have an understanding of who these successful brands in southern Europe are.

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