Modern Treasury: some tips to be less average

A home page couldn’t be more average than this:

  • Title
  • subtitle
  • call to action
  • visual on the right.

Let’s see what’s great about this website and how we can make it a bit less average.

What I love about it is the minimal menu. Just four choices is good. There are no distractions like about, careers, contact, social media … These can be found in the footer.

What I don’t like is the lack of social proof. This is something I’d change. There’s a large empty area that could be filled with client logos or other sorts of social proof.

Finally, I’d test a different call-to-action button. The green button gets a bit lost among the other green elements. So why not try orange for a colourful contrast? I’d also go more specific with the copy. “Us” is a bit random. Is that a salesperson? The CEO? An advisor? I’d try something like “Talk to a payment advisor”. Or expert. Or professional.

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