Poor Positioning

[The Best solution for X] is a website title formula that’s dramatically over-used.

Even worse is [The blablabla Solution]. As if there’s only one?

I hate it.

For some reasons:

  • It’s lazy
  • It challenges the reader to find alternatives
  • It’s probably not true (in the case of the best)
  • And especially: it doesn’t set you apart.

Besides, it shows a lack of effort to position yourself properly.

Of course, not every company can or should create a category of their own. But there must be something that makes you different.
Are you cheaper? Faster? More experienced? Local?

An example:

A quick Google Search shows me at least three competitors.

My advice: don’t use your category in your title. It’s too self-centred anyway. Pick a customer-centred title instead.

Something like: “Improve your operational efficiency by 21% thanks to AI-based receivables management”

What are your thoughts?

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