Hypotheek.winkel: Optimise your interactive tools

Hypotheek.winkel is a Belgian company that helps home buyers find better mortgage loans for free. Of course, they get a commission.

Great offer. So do they even need a better website?
Some optimisation never hurts.

Here’s the home page. Time to gather your first impressions.

At first, I’m overwhelmed. The design isn’t bad but it’s just a bit too much. I don’t think I’ve ever seen three headers. There’s a clear colour palette, but that doesn’t mean you should use all the colours. There are four different buttons… The image is huge.

So there’s definitely some room for improvement.

But let’s start with some love first.

Three things are great about this page:

  • Stats and social proof
  • Language selection
  • Addressing an objection: how come it’s free?

As I said, the title needs to change. Left-align it. And different copy. Keep on reading to see my suggestions.

Now the test is something completely different. I’m getting rid of the image (of course, stock photos suck). And I’m going to insert one of the calculators there. I’m going to make it interactive from the start. 

Here it is.

What to improve below the fold

I really love the calculators; that’s why I moved one to the hero section. The design of this section is pretty cool too, but it’s a bit confusing. Why does it say 5 when I can only see 3?

Btw: notice the 0 out of 5? Reminds me of the Zeigarnik Effect. I want to see that 0 change into 1 and start completing the tests. Well done.

The rest of the home page is solid. I wouldn’t make any major changes. I’d just make the paragraphs a bit shorter and fact-check everything. (65 offices in the header – 62 in the copy).

Finally, there’s this little section which looks great at first but it’s missing something that shows they care.

You see, when you click one of these buttons, the outcome is always the same.

Of course, a normal user will probably only click one. But even so, I would test four slightly different pages. The copy could be a bit more specific to each situation, and step one should be auto-completed. 

Those are the main points for Hypotheek.winkel. If you love these breakdowns and want access to 5-minute video analyses + three highly actionable takeaways for future cases, subscribe to the newsletter right now. 

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