Hotter Headlines

A good headline or title makes or breaks your copy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing landing page copy, website copy or an ad; the headline needs to convince.

A surefire way to start writing headlines that convince is to practice a lot. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, there are some great tips and tricks to write headlines that make a difference. You could follow these three steps, for example:

1. Spray it

2. Reinforce it

3. Refine it.

1. Spray it

Write ten different headlines. Don’t make minor tweaks. Make them really different.

For example, by trying some of these different title templates.

  1. How to …
  2. [Negative aspect] + [positive aspect] => add credibility
  3. Don’t make these [topic] mistakes
  4. Get [solution] in [timeframe]
  5. The …est way to get [benefit]
  6. Do [something] before [negative result] => create urgency
  7. Comparison
  8. List
  9. Follow these X Steps to [desired outcome] + [handle objection]
  10. [benefit] without [struggle]
  11. Unlock/Uncover [secret/mystery]
  12. Why you deserve [beneficial outcome]
  13. [Product] + [target customer] + [action] + [urgency]

2. Reinforce it

Have another look at the headlines you just wrote. Pick your three favourites and make them stronger by adding more power words. There’s no word limit yet.

Some of the most common and most effective power words include:

  1. Now
  2. Free
  3. Expert
  4. Unique
  5. New
  6. Secret
  7. Special
  8. Proven
  9. Limited
  10. Instant
  11. Save
  12. Exclusive
  13. Easy
  14. Guaranteed
  15. Rare

3. Refine it

Pick your favourite, now make it shorter.

Can you rewrite it using just 15 words?


Now use 10 words or less.


You’ve got your new headline.

Go test it.

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