Home Page Breakdown: Fellow

Fellow is a tool managers and companies use to track meeting notes.

In this post, I’ll have a look at their home page.

First, I’ll make a few suggestions for the hero section, then I’ll look at some wins before I make a few further suggestions for the rest of the home page.

Let’s have a look.

Hero section improvements

At first sight, the hero section looks pretty clean. (See the first image. )

But when we zoom in, a couple of things stand out quickly:

  1. The headline is too vague
  2. There is no social proof
  3. The subheader is too long

In the second image, I made a few changes.

  1. The headline now addresses a pain point
  2. I made it easier to click the button: “no credit card needed, 14-day free trial”
  3. The subheader is shorter and more convincing

Is it perfect now?

No. The visual grabs my attention, but it doesn’t tell me much about the product. People familiar with Fellow will get it, but new users won’t. They could replace it with a short video tutorial.

Secondly, the call to action button doesn’t really stand out. I’d pick orange because it’s a contrasting color.

Finally, I would probably delete the second CTA button: “request a demo”. But before doing so, I’d ask for their current conversions. You never know…

Other wins on the home page

When we scroll further down, two more things stand out as good practices.

First, we see this pretty standard social proof example of brands they’ve worked with. It’s clean, it works.

Near the bottom of the page, we see some testimonials that work a lot better than the ones higher up.

I really like this testimonial because it’s complete with an image, full name, company, and position.

Additionally, they’ve highlighted the most important part of the testimonial. This makes a big difference. Not only does it help skimmers, but I also believe way more people will read the testimonial because of the visual contrast.

Other areas for improvement

The rest of the home page is pretty good. Nothing really stands out as bad or as “wow”.

I do have three further recommendations to make it even better.

#1 There is only one more CTA button on the entire home page. I always try to have one visible CTA on shorter pages or at least one CTA after every other section.

#2 We’ve got this visually pleasing section about the different features, but it’s a missed opportunity to convince more people. For people who’ve never used Fellow, it’s rather confusing. There’s a lot of information on the image without further instructions. A video for each would be great but might make the page very heavy to load. An alternative would be to make the screenshot smaller and add a paragraph with some details about each feature.

#3 We’ve got another missed opportunity with this social proof. I suppose these are four managers who use Fellow (although many people might not associate authors with management positions). Unfortunately, they don’t say anything about Fellow, so it’s a strange sight. The obvious option would be to add a testimonial, but that might be too long for this section. A fun alternative could be to add a line like “Fellow user since May 2021”.

That’s it.

Would you like me to have a look at your home page too?