Hero Section Lessons From Five Belgian Fintech Startups

If you’re working on your hero section, there’s no better place to find inspiration than by looking at other websites.

In this post, you’ll find some great ideas for social proof, a few tips about button copy, and a couple of mistakes to avoid at all costs.

The fintech startups we’ll talk about are:

  2. Wequity
  3. Rock.estate
  4. GAMBiT

For each company, I’ll let the image and video speak for themselves and just provide three takeaways.


1. The copy is not that clear. Unless visitors already know SOPIAD, they won’t immediately understand what they do.
2. When we’re talking about sustainability, the choice of a diamond is pretty painful.
3. Don’t link to social media from your header. People leave your website, see posts like this one and lose their focus.


  1. Great contrast (CTA and title stand out. The menu is less visible).
  2. The copy is clear but not specific enough (About ESG and automation, but what’s in it for me?).
  3. CTA copy matters (Get started with what? And do you really get started?).


Here’s what I like about their hero section:

• Try the tool for free. (the CTA is super accurate).
• The visual shows you what to expect.
• Clean design without distractions.


Here are three things I’d change:

  1. I had to scroll down to see four boxes at the bottom. So I’d make sure this doesn’t happen. (Reminder to check your designs for different screen sizes).
  2. I’d change the button copy. Is it Get or Request?
  3. I’d change the title and subtitle. Something like “Creating modular digital solutions for financial institutions”. It should still be more specific, but it’s hard to understand this company at first sight.


  1. Offering something that might lead to an email signup is great; just make sure you set the right expectations.
  2. Make sure your buttons stand out and don’t be afraid to repeat your CTA in the top-right corner.
  3. Don’t confuse your visitor. Use one word for the same thing, not three.

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