Gohenry: finally a good image; but the copy…

Gohenry is a fintech from the UK that provides payment cards for kids and teens.

Apart from the sketchy content width, there are a few things that could be improved on their home page.

Based on this hero section, who do you think the target audience is?

  • Parents?
  • Kids?

It’s a bit hard to tell, right?

But judging by the boring copy, we’ll conclude it’s for parents. That’s also what the rest of the home page suggests.

And it’s important to keep in mind when you have a look at the full home page.

But Let’s have a look above the fold first.

Love: I absolutely hate stock photos or photos of people in a hero section. But this one feels different. There are a few reasons:

  • The product is front and centre, not the person
  • The boy does display the right emotions of excitement.
  • Haptic imagery (when someone holds the product in their hands) is said to boost conversions.

Change: What’s going on with that title and subtitle?

  • #1? They really couldn’t find anything better to position themselves?
  • What’s with all the symbols? ‘ # ‘ &. It looks confusing and cheap.

Let’s combine them into one and add a new subtitle. Here’s a quick idea:

Who paid close attention noticed two other changes:

  1. The purple circle with “1-month free trial”. That’s something gohenry has added since I took the original print screen. I think it’s a good addition in terms of conversions, but the design is atrocious.
  2. I’ve changed Money Talk into Learn Money Skills. It’s just a little something I’d test. Money Talk sounds so vague. Is it a podcast? Learn Money Skills is longer but it’s much clearer.

Now on to the rest of the home page…

Improvements for the rest of gohenry’s home page

In the intro, we said that it looks like this page is made for parents.

Then why is the first section under the fold this?

I understand that they’re leaning on ownership bias. When you start creating something, you start feeling like it’s yours, so you’re more likely to convert. But (at least) two things are wrong with this:

  1. Clicking on Make it yours, doesn’t take you to a customisation page but a signup form 🤦🏼‍♂️
  2. The design of the cards is the least of the parents’ concerns. They want to learn how this will help their kids spend money wisely.

So I’d move this section much lower or even delete it. BUT this also makes me think that gohenry should actually create two home pages. They should have one for kids that focuses on all the cool designs and the epic things they could buy with their own cards. And one for parents that focuses on security, smart use of the card and how it works.

But let’s end with a positive note. This FAQ is a great example to address objections your customers might have:

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