Freshbooks: banners are cool; stock images aren’t.

Freshbooks is accounting software that has been on the market for over two decades.

They’re a big company so they must have loads of website visitors. Imagine what a tiny conversion change could do…

Here’s what I’d change and test in their hero section. And also what I love about it.

I love the second banner that allows you to choose your region. It’s great UX. It may not seem not mind-blowing, but imagine how many people would waste their time trying to find information for the wrong region. They should probably make it even more prominent.

I don’t like the images. That’s what I’d change. In fact, I’d get rid of them entirely. The hero section is a bit too busy as it is. By deleting the visuals, it won’t be as compact anymore. There will be more white space and the message will be clearer.

Finally, I’d run some tests with the CTA buttons. Now it’s a bit funny to have a CTA for a free trial in one place and a CTA to buy in another.

So I’d change the menu CTA to “Save 50% now” and add a secondary CTA in the hero section that offers a free trial.

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