Delicious Discounts

Discounts are a great way to boost conversions because people love striking a deal.

Now, to make the discount convert better, there are a few things you can do:

  • Strike through the original price
  • Make the new price stand out
    • Use red because it’s associated with high discounts
    • Use a bigger font
  • Show how much people save
  • Put the lowest price on the right

You can show how much people save in percentage points or absolute numbers. Pick the bigger number.

travel discount: absolute numbers
clothes discount: percentage

For a big discount, such as a vacation, electronics or furniture, it makes sense to use whole numbers. £290.28 discount looks a lot more than 23% (quick guess, probably wrong.).

In the other example, 30% looks much more than €2.99. This is better for clothes and cheap items. Another cool thing about this example is the colour. The discounted price stands out. It follows all the rules.

Bonus tip: Merge your pricing with words that make it sound cheaper. Think "reduced energy consumption" or "low maintenance".

The cool thing is that you don’t always need to do real discounts. I you want to get €150 for something. You could say that the real price is €200 but that you’re offering it for €150. It looks like a discount to the customer but to you it isn’t.

Just don’t do it the Udemy way. We all know it’s fake.

And that’s enough about e-com discounts.

Discounts also look great on a SaaS pricing page. Some examples:

pricing page typefully

In these examples, buyers get a discount for paying yearly. The first shows the original price and what you’ll pay instead. It feels like you’re saving a lot as a buyer. In the second, you see the total savings, which also looks attractive, especially because it’s green.

Finally, a tip that works across e-com and SaaS: anchor your price to bigger numbers.

As you can see, SaaS usually has different tiers. The more expensive tiers make the lower-level ones look cheaper.

Do you offer discounts?

Don’t miss any of these opportunities to make them convert better.

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