Chili Piper: Interesting visual; busy menu

From now on, I’ll use a new format for home page breakdowns.

It consists of three parts: love, change and test.

I believe it’s more respectful of the creators and the art of creating websites in general.

Starting with Chili Piper, here’s what I love about their home page’s hero section, what I’d change and what I’d A/B test.

Love: the visual

Chili piper uses a very creative solution to embed a video.

The image works on it’s own but you can click the play button to start a video. It’s basically two in one.

Change: the menu

The menu has too many options. That’s distracting.

Resources and company should be moved to a footer menu.

The “customers” dropdown button is a bit confusing too. I wouldn’t delete it from the menu, but I’d link to just one page.

Test: the call to action button

Book a demo is boring and generic.

I’d test something more specific or personal. Some good examples I’ve seen recently are:

  • Get a personal tour
  • Book a demo with [insert name of person]

Demos can be intimidating, so if you make it more personal, you might just reduce that barrier a little bit.

Up to you now: what do you love? And what would you change or test?

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