hero section review is a payment services provider that operates as a processor, issuer, gateway and more. It’s an end-to-end solution so it may be hard to get very specific about their services. They’re also active in different parts of the world. So let’s see how they tackled these two challenges. hero section march 2024
  • Banner: Great for social proof. Blends in well with the design. It’s visible but not overwhelming.
  • Menu: It’s clear, but I’d like to see some industries or use cases.
  • H1: Global digital payments is clear but it takes up a lot of space. I’d use this as a primer above the h1, not as the actual h1 that takes up half of the hero section.
  • H2: The h2 works in combination with the h1. I get an idea of what offers but I have two problems. First, “one platform” isn’t clear enough — not as clear as end-to-end solution, at least. “Unrivaled performance” sounds enticing but it’s subjective. Where’s the proof?
  • H3: It feels a bit poetic and that’s not a compliment. I wouldn’t say it’s bad copy but this isn’t the right place. The second sentence adds some clarity but we’re still missing the big point. I’d go for something like “accept, process and receive global payments with one single platform”. “Fewer platforms, lower fees” could be a fun line for them too.
  • Buttons: “Get in touch” feels a bit too casual for me. It feels like I’ll be filling in a simple contact form, not filling in a form for a sales call.
  • Visual: There is none and that’s a shame. I’d brainstorm something that portrays the entire payment process, either with a graphic or a GIF.
  • Design: The design is simple, and the colours aren’t complicated. My only issue is with the counterintuitive design. Text and buttons tend to go on the left, and that’s what users expect. Moving them to the right is not the best UX practice. It does look great on mobile.

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