UX tips

Better Buttons

All buttons are made to make people click. Yet some buttons get the job done a lot better than others. It’s because they stand out more or because the copy is more convincing/clear. Here’s a gallery of some CTA buttons: You’ll notice some stand out more than others. Here’s how to make your buttons better …

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When your website introduces something new, it helps to replicate the real-world or already-know appearance of its counterpart or something related. This design-technique is called skeuomorphism. Here are some examples: Clearly, this design tip leans on familiarity. Visitors have certain expectations and when you match them, you make life easier for them. A more traditional …

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When people browse your website (which probably looks a lot like other websites), they have certain expectations. They’ll probably expect to see a button in the top right corner. And if that button is used to log in, they’ll expect the word “login”. Even though “client access” means the same, it’s not what people expect. …

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