UX tips

Minimal Menus

What should you include in a menu and how do you keep it as short as possible? I analysed 58 pages to see what SaaS and Fintech companies prefer.

Little by Little

What do Newton and UX have in common? The first law of motion has a lot to do with the Zeigarnik effect. People who are invested in something(moving in a certain direction) want to continue. Here’s how you apply that to your website to increase conversions.

Challenging Choices

Hick’s Law says that it gets harder to make decisions when you’re presented with more options. Limit the options in your web design to make people click the right buttons.

Obviously Overwhelming

Miller’s law says that our active memory only has space for a limited amount of information. So when your website bombards people with information, they’ll struggle to understand your message.

Colourful Contrasts

Most websites have a white background and black words. That’s great. That’s a good contrast. It’s easy to read. Even better is a slightly off-white background like #EEEEEE and a dark grey contrasting colour like #111111 Now some people want to get fancy and do it the other way around. The contrast is still good …

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Better Buttons

Buttons are made to make people click. Yet some buttons to a very terrible job at making you click. They’re hard to find, fishy or boring. Use these tips to create better buttons that do make poeple click.


With the rise of the computer and the internet, early designers made as many things resemble their real-world counterparts. Here’s why that matters.

Feeling Familiar

Clear over clever is key for UX copy. Most often vanilla copy is better than some far-fetched benefit statement. People are used to it.