CRO tips

Visual Value

There are lots of ways to add a visual element to your hero section. It’s probably the first thing people will see yet so many companies don’t care about it. Here are 10 different ways to include visuals above the fold.

Overcoming Objections

People are sceptical. they’ll have a few doubts about your product, even if it’s exactly what they’ll looking for. The more of these doubts you can clarify for them on your website, the higher your conversion rates will be.

Delicious Discounts

People love discounts. But not all discounts are the same. A great discount makes people feel like they’re really taking advantage. This post covers a few best practices for E-com and SaaS.

Top Testimonials

Fake testimonials have become so common, people even start to distrust real ones. Here’s how to optimise your testimonials so no-one doubts them.

Risk Reduction

Ever came close to buying but didn’t do it because you were unsure? Not all people are as sceptical as I am, but with all the scammers and profit seekers around, people want to avoid risks. It’s your job to tackle their objections and show them how trustworthy you are. Of course, you can use …

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Careful Continuity

Continuity is often overlooked. Yet it shows professionalism and care. A company that respects continuity will its customer’s trust and reap the benefits.

Ratings & reviews

Ratings and reviews are an important type of social proof. Find some ideas to implement them on your website and give your audience more reasons to trust you.

Solid Social proof

Client testimonials, star ratings and corporate logos can all make or break your company. People trust other people’s opinions more than what you have to say. Here’s a list of social proof you can use.