Copy tips

Hotter Headlines

Convincing headlines are crucial but they are hard to write. Follow these three steps to write better headlines even when you’re not feeling creative.

Practical Power Words

There are roughly seven categories of power words. Together you’ll find about 50 proven examples here. And you’ll learn how you can leverage them in your website copy, even if you’re new to this.

Fantastic Formulas

copywriting formulas

Copywriting formulas are not dead. They are very much alive. Both beginners and experts can benefit from them to save time and craft better messages. Learn how to use AIDA, PASO, FAB, PPPP, ACCA and BAB.

Not Normal

Denying the opposite of what you mean to say is a great storytelling technique to grab attention. Does it also work for website titles, though?

Stronger Synonyms

Any language has synonyms for hundreds of words. Some cultures have dozens of words for snow. Others have dozens for palm trees or bananas. But if you look closely, every single word has a different meaning. It’s good to remember that when writing copy. Do you say that something is good? Or is it amazing? …

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Agent Alliteration

Alliteration is a popular figure of speech. Starting two words with the same letters looks nice and makes things more memorable. So why not use it in your copy?

Poor Positioning

Saying that you’re the best at what you do is an often-used way for companies to differentiate themselves. It’s a lazy way to position themselves. Here’s why.

Positive Phrasing

How you frame things matters. Leave people with a positive image instead of a negative one to help drive sales.