Poor Positioning

Saying that you’re the best at what you do is an often-used way for companies to differentiate themselves. It’s a lazy way to position themselves. Here’s why.

Ratings & reviews

Ratings and reviews are an important type of social proof. Find some ideas to implement them on your website and give your audience more reasons to trust you.


With the rise of the computer and the internet, early designers made as many things resemble their real-world counterparts. Here’s why that matters.

Solid Social proof

Client testimonials, star ratings and corporate logos can all make or break your company. People trust other people’s opinions more than what you have to say. Here’s a list of social proof you can use.

Feeling Familiar

Clear over clever is key for UX copy. Most often vanilla copy is better than some far-fetched benefit statement. People are used to it.

Positive Phrasing

How you frame things matters. Leave people with a positive image instead of a negative one to help drive sales.