Overcoming Objections

People are sceptical. they’ll have a few doubts about your product, even if it’s exactly what they’ll looking for. The more of these doubts you can clarify for them on your website, the higher your conversion rates will be.

Hotter Headlines

Convincing headlines are crucial but they are hard to write. Follow these three steps to write better headlines even when you’re not feeling creative.

Practical Power Words

There are roughly seven categories of power words. Together you’ll find about 50 proven examples here. And you’ll learn how you can leverage them in your website copy, even if you’re new to this.

Little by Little

What do Newton and UX have in common? The first law of motion has a lot to do with the Zeigarnik effect. People who are invested in something(moving in a certain direction) want to continue. Here’s how you apply that to your website to increase conversions.

Fantastic Formulas

copywriting formulas

Copywriting formulas are not dead. They are very much alive. Both beginners and experts can benefit from them to save time and craft better messages. Learn how to use AIDA, PASO, FAB, PPPP, ACCA and BAB.

Runway Financial: attention to detail with a thematic page

There’s a bit of hype around the new website for Runway Financial. The design is slick but not always as user-friendly. And the hero section? It’s a bit different but I like it: I love the design in general. It’s different. It’s animated but not distracting, so it grabs your attention. People share it online …

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Delicious Discounts

People love discounts. But not all discounts are the same. A great discount makes people feel like they’re really taking advantage. This post covers a few best practices for E-com and SaaS.

Challenging Choices

Hick’s Law says that it gets harder to make decisions when you’re presented with more options. Limit the options in your web design to make people click the right buttons.