Website Best Practices Swipe File

There are a lot of good landing page ideas out there. But it’s all pretty standard. 

Sometimes, though, I come across something that really catches my attention.

Here’s an overview of those blocks:

ConvertKit Social Proof

ConvertKit social proof

ConvertKit uses a mix of specific numbers and famous numbers to show how popular their tool is. 

Fellow’s testimonial stands out because it gives lots of information in an attractive way (quote, name, photo, function and company).

Moreover, highlighting the text helps skimmers.

Fellow Testimonial

Hone Testimonial

Hone’s testimonial is almost the same as Fellow’s, but the design is a bit more low-key making the copy stand out more.

You just have to love this testimonial.

The design is neat, and it offers a quote (summary?) for people who aren’t interested in watching the full video.

Hone Video Testimonial

Maven CTA

Maven uses a CTA that’s visually attractive and summarises the main info of the course it’s selling. The button’s colour makes it stand out. 

Paymentcloud displays their phone number in the top right corner (cta position).

I love that it reduces friction by showing the waiting time and the number of online agents.

The number of agents varies, so it feels more real. (I wonder if it is, though…)

Paymentcloud CTA