Bankable home page review

Bankable is a FinTech company that was founded in 2010. It offers a range of payment solutions under a “Banking as a Service” model. Because of this business model, it’s safe to assume that website visitors who are potential buyers will have an understanding of the industry. They won’t need to be convinced that they need a BaaS solution, but they’ll need to be convinced that Bankable is the best partner for them.

Taking this into account, the home page should focus on the benefits of using Bankable. What makes the company special? Which industries do they focus on? What do their other clients look like?

Let’s go into more detail below.

Bankable’s home page hero section

Let’s start with “Bank on Bankable”. Ten points for cleverness and wordplay. Three points for clarity. Since Bankable is a BaaS provider, it technically makes sense, but it lacks context and information about the solutions.

The rest of the headline is ok but it’s not different enough.

Let’s look at the hero copy of a few competitors. (These paid results come up for Banking as a Service).

  • Sopra Banking: “innovative” and “extendable”
  • Tuum: “innovating” and “modular” (in the SEO title)
  • Enfuce: “growth” and “scale”
  • Swan: none.

Moving on with something I love about this hero section is a bit difficult. There’s nothing great about this hero section but there are two details I like.

  1. The soft CTA: “discover more”. It’s just a tiny nudge to read on. From a UX perspective, it makes more sense than a CTA button that says “more info”, “read on” or something like that.
  2. A straight link to Case Studies in the menu. Even after years in the fintech industry, I find it hard to grasp all the different problems fintech companies solve. Nothing explains the solutions better than a solid case study.

Since it was hard to find something I love, there are plenty of things I would change.

For starters, the GIF in the background is of bad quality. It looks cheap because it’s difficult to read. It’s too small and there’s an annoying overlay that makes the images blend into the background way too much. (see below).

In fact, the entire hero section is a bit of a waste because there is no important information and there’s no call to action. I’d redo the entire thing with a more typical layout that includes a title, subtitle, and some bullet points. An improved GIF could move to the right side of the design without the overlay.

Bankable’s home page below the fold

The website design is on point, with lots of attention to detail. For example, the circles from the logo are also seen in the background and when a page is loading. Contrary to the amateurish GIF, this does make the company look professional.

The section below the hero is much more interesting than the actual hero section.

It packs a lot of information that does matter. However, there are a few problems:

  • Too much text
  • Too egocentric
  • Typos

All of these make the company look less professional again. But everything after that section improves the company’s image again.

The solutions section is clear and client-focused. The testimonials are telling. In fact, I’d probably move them higher up as they give more authority than some logos of publications and outdated press releases.

I’ll end with a few other changes I’d consider:

  • One or more CTA buttons to get in touch
  • A section with case studies
  • More focus on customers and less on their own achievements

Let’s remember that you should always take into account the awareness levels of your website visitors. For a BaaS solution, your homepage isn’t the place where people will learn about the problem or solution. You have a blog for that. In this case, it’s more likely that visitors are solution-aware or product-aware and they’re exploring options. It’s your home page’s job to convince them that you are the best option for them.

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