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I have closed two coaching clients in the past week. My landing page convinced them to book a call.” — Lydia

Why get an audit?

Clearer offer

Everyone suffers from the curse of knowledge. An outside opinion will make your offer clearer.

More leads

Get quick wins and advanced ideas to boost your website's conversions.

No typos

You'd be surprised at the number of spelling and grammar errors I can spot - even with natives.

How does it work?


Choose your audit

Choose between a basic audit, advanced audit or rewrite. Pay securely via Stripe.


Get your wins

Within 48 hours you'll receive your audit with specific instructions to boost conversions. (Rewrites take longer, of course.)
Need help implementing them? Let me know.


Free Check-in

About two weeks after implementing your changes, you can get on a free 15-minute call. We'll discuss the changes and optimise if needed.


A basic audit grants you feedback without any of your input. With an advanced audit, we’ll talk about your offer first so I can research the market and give more personalised suggestions.  

You’ll get specific feedback to improve your website’s copy, design and user experience.

You get everything from a basic audit plus copy suggestions targeted at your audience. I can add SEO suggestions too if needed.

SaaS startups, indie hackers and coaches will benefit most from this audit. I’ve also audited apps and newsletter landing pages.

If you get an advanced audit, I’ll personalise the feedback to your product and audience based on research. Other experts give valuable feedback but it’s not as personalised.

Most definitely. One or two extra clients should bring in enough to cover the costs. All the other extra clients you’ll get are pure profit.

Get the audit that fits your needs

Basic Audit

15-minute video audit
  • Copy tips and suggestions
  • Conversion best practices
  • UX advice

Advanced Audit

Audience research and video audit
  • Audience research
  • Personalised copy updates
  • UX and CRO tips

Audit & Rewrite

Advanced audit and implementation
  • Adience research
  • Optimal UX
  • Conversion-optimised page

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