Apollo: Old vs. new hero section

I came across this white hero section a while ago, but Apollo.io’s current hero section doesn’t look the same anymore.

I like the old version a bit better, but let’s do a love-change-test analysis for both.

Ok, the old version first.

Here’s what I love about it:

  • The CTA takes up a lot of space, so it’s hard to miss.
  • There’s social proof and risk reduction.
  • There are different ways to sign up, making it easier for new users.

I’d change the subtitle. The following words could be deleted: “With Apollo’s sales intelligence and engagement platform”. Now the rest stands out a lot more. Of course, the words we just deleted are important search keywords. So I’d put “sales intelligence and engagement platform” as a primer above the title. Done.

Finally, I’d test the title. “Every” is so vague. Every half-decent marketer or salesperson knows that not everyone on Earth is a buyer. I’d make it more specific like this: “Reach every potential buyer on Earth”.

Now, onto the newer version.

There’s nothing I really love about it. But the visual is the best part. It’s more detailed than before. However, it’s a GIF. Each little block pops up individually. And it repeats itself. That’s quite distracting. It also gets a bit busy with the chatbot on top.

I would absolutely change the position of the webinar pop-up. The pop-up is well-designed, but it’s on top of the social proof and CTA buttons.

Or would that be intentional?

I can think of two reasons:

  • People expect CTA’s in that area, so they might be more likely to click.
  • When they close it, they’re already looking at the CTA area.

Finally, I’d test the menu options. They deleted “Why Apollo” and “Solutions”, but added “Teams”. It’s great that they deleted one option, but “Teams” is so vague. What is that even about? Apollo for teams? Apollo’s team?

How about you? Which version do you prefer?

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