Agent Alliteration

Alliteration is one of the best ways to make your copy more memorable.

It’s a figure of speech that puts two or more words together that start with the same letter.

You’ll know it from brands like PayPal, KitKat, Rolls Royce, the LA Lakers and Coca-Cola.

And slogans like:

  • “Rewards Reimagined”
  • “Britain’s Best Business Bank”
  • “Don’t dream it. Drive it.”

It can also be great for headlines:

  • “We solved side sleeping
  • “Qashio. Spend smart
  • “Caffeine Infused. Protein Powered
  • “Spending, simplified”

Does it look great? Most definitely.

Does it boost conversions? I don’t know. I didn’t find any data.

So should you use alliteration?

Up to you.

If I get the chance, I’ll use it. But I won’t force it. Clear still beats clever.

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