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Detailed reviews or rewrites for finance, fintech, startup or VC home and landing pages
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your home page, or any landing page, is the first impression people get from your website. It’s the first real impression they get from your business.

every time you don’t make it count is a lost opportunity.

it’s the difference between no sales …

and a successful business.

wanna be successful?

Copy Consultation

Get a quick review of your home page or landing page with suggestions on how to boost your conversions with minor changes.

Copy Rewrite

Get a thorough rewrite of your home page or landing page with optimised copy and suggestions to improve the design.

Stellar service, reasonable rates


€150 flat fee
  • Quick review of your home/landing page
  • Suggestions for improved hero section​
  • Design suggestions to boost conversions​
  • Copy suggestions to improve positioning​
  • 30-minute consultation call*


Starting from €375
  • Full rewrite of your home/landing page
  • Suggestions for improved hero section
  • Design suggestions to boost conversions
  • Audience research to improve positioning
  • 30-minute consultation*
  • Written feedback or implementation on website

Companies we've taken to the stars

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“Kjell quickly and efficiently provided some important and much needed landing page edits and copy for our new venture launching soon. Collaborating internationally, across time zones and currencies was seamless with Kjell. Highly, highly recommend."
Zach Weismann
The Impactful
"The insights from Kjell were great. He analyzed our landing page and gave suggestions on copy and layout improvements. I definitely recommend his landing page reviews to anyone who wants to improve their conversions."
Dan Cucolea
"Kjell's roast of my landing page was stellar! The report pointed out the pitfalls in a conveniently visual way. It made me see many blind spots I had never seen before. The recommendations are practical, simple and clear. Couldn't recommend Kjell enough!"
Jason Leow

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Reviews are recommended if you don’t have much data about your landing page.

Rewrites are better if your page has been online for a while and it isn’t performing well. 

  • Consultation: €150 upfront
  • Rewrite: Pay €150 upfront, the rest upon completion
  • 100% money-back if you don’t get more conversions within 30 days of implementing changes

A consultation call is in your best interest because it’s the easiest way to uncover details about your business.

If that doesn’t work for you, I can send you a list of questions first and a video with feedback later.

After we set a date for the call, we’ll have a 30-minute conversation. There are two parts to each conversation:

1. Completing the onboarding list so I get to know your business.

2. Reviewing your current page and discussing changes/wishes.

Yes, if you’re in need of a completely new landing page, you may contact me as well.

Moreover, a landing page is often the start of a bigger project. After a successful cooperation, you can also count on me for further copy and content services, such as:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media promotions
  • Ad copy
More info on www.kjellv.com 

Who's your captain?

Hello there. My name is Kjell Vandevyvere, and I’ll be your captain today. 

Welcome on The Copy Galaxy website, where our sole aim is to improve your website copy while you sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.

In all seriousness, I haven’t a clue how to fly an aeroplane—not even a remote-controlled one. But I do know how to write copy that converts. And I know what a landing page needs to convince your audience.

It’s not rocket science. It’s years of experience, trial and error, and understanding how language affects people.  

Kjell Vandevyvere